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Lecturer in Computing & Networking at the Institute of Technology, Carlow in Ireland

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Welcome to my home on the Web

Since 1997, I've lectured within the Department of Computing & Networking, at the Institute of Technology, Carlow, in Ireland.

Prior to becoming involved in the academic world, I worked for 10 years within the IT industry in various software development and managerial roles, both in Ireland and Canada.

Here's some information on what I do

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  • Visit my Courses page to learn more about the courses I teach.
  • Learn about the books I've (co-)written on my Books page.
  • I was previously a Contributing Editor to Linux Journal Magazine.
  • A list of the articles and reviews that I've written for LJ and other publications can be found on my Articles page.
  • Other miscellaneous resources are located on my Software & Tutorials page. Technologies and technical areas that interest me include:

Open Source, Linux, Scripting Languages, Web Development & Web Application Frameworks, Computer Network Analysis, Management & Programming, Security and Cloud Technologies.