Paul Barry's Website - Web and Cloud Development - Year 3

3rd Year Module on the B.Sc. Degree in Software Development

Software Development: Web and Cloud Development - Year 3

Academic Year 2018/19 - Class Log.

Wed 12 Sep 2018: Welcome! See the welcome PDF for more.

Thurs 13 Sep 2018: Installed PIP, set up GIT, created a learning folder and a Python virtual environment into which we installed Jupyter Notebook. We are up-and-running.

Tues 18 Sep 2018: More git. Installed the black code formatter into our Python virtual environment. Starting learning about Python - see today's notebooks as well as the program. Learned how to run Python programs from within a Jupyter notebook, as well as within a Jupyter terminal. Learned that 'for' is preferred over 'while' by most Python programmers (especially when used with the range() function).

Thurs 20 Sep 2018: Talked more about range() and lists, learning about the two and three argument version of range() and the slice notation for lists. Then we talked about (sang?) beer...

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