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3rd Year Module on the B.Sc. Hons. Degree in Computer Games Development

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Academic Year 2018/19 - Class Log.

Thurs 13 Sep 2018: Welcome! Installed Anaconda for Windows (Python 3.6) and played with our first Jupyter Notebook. We also downloaded MariaDB and MongoDB (but have yet to install these - no rush on these). Paul talked quite a bit... he appears to really like Python.

Tues 18 Sep 2018: Started down the road of learning Python, with the help of Jupyter Notebook and the program. Learned a bit about for, while, if, and in, as well as a very quick introduction to Python's lists.

Thurs 20 Sep 2018: Learned all about range() as well as the slice notation for lists (using START, STOP, and STEP). Then we talked about a very important topic: beer.

Tues 25 Sep 2018: We reviewed the beer submissions, then introduces Python's built-in data structures: lists, tuples, dictionaries, and sets.

Thurs 27 Sep 2018: Started our tour of data structures with lists, which lead into the 'on tap' exercise. Solutions to Paul before the start of next Tuesday's class.

Tues 2 Oct 2018: Although they are great, we learned today that lists shouldn't be used for everything. Sometimes, something else is needed, which lead into a discussion of dictionaries.

Thurs 04 Oct 2018: Looked at more dictionaries, frequency counters, tuples, sets, and functions. We are now dangerous when it comes to Python.

Thurs 11 Oct 2018: All about superheroes - using the Python built-in data technologies to do useful stuff.

Tues 16 Oct 2018: Quickly reviewed HTML, then created our first Flask-based web server application.

Thurs 18 Oct 2018: Extended our webapp to include static files, Jinja2 templates, and POSTed data.

Tues 23, Thurs 25, Tues 30 Oct 2018 and Tues 6, Thurs 8 Nov 2018: WordGame was the surprise hit of the day (on Tues 23rd). Assignment #1 was distributed and is now active. Due date/time: Nov 9th, Friday, by 5:00pm.

Tues 13 Nov 2018: Worked through Paul's webapp code (which was then distributed after class).

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