Yet Another Perl Tutorial

Based on the material produced for my Bioinformatics book:

Some sample textual data can be downloaded here.

Getting started with Perl

Lists, Arrays and Hashes

Subroutines and Modules


Regular Expressions

Regular Expression Cheat Sheet (as a PDF)

Various Other Things

Database Stuff

Here are the sequences used with the database case study.

Here is the source code and database files from my second book. Chapter 12 contains the files used with the database notes (referred to below).

Here are the database notes used in class:

Databases with MySQL

Programming Databases with Perl

Web Dev Stuff

Here is the file.

Here are the web development notes used in class:

Programming Websites with Perl

Automating Surfing with Perl

Here is the sequences.txt data file for use with the Web Automation example.

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