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Ruby: Here's my Ruby module for working with Ethernet packets. Released under GPL v2.

Perl: These days, I don't get to write as much software as I'd like to. However, when completing my Masters in 2003, I created Scooby, a mobile agent environment for the Perl programming language. I keep threatening to update Scooby and call it "Scooby Too", which usually results in much groaning and rolling-of-eyes-up-to-heaven from my office-mates.

As well as having it's very own website, Scooby is also available for download from CPAN (Perl's global software repository).

Why did I call it "Scooby"? Well, that remains a bit of a mystery ...


These tutorials exist primarily to support my role as a lecturer and are, obviously, geared toward the courses I teach. Most of the programming language tutorials assume you already know how to program in some other language.

  • A Ruby Tutorial, based on the material in The PickAxe.
  • Yet Another Perl Tutorial based on the material from my Bioinformatics book. This tutorial assumes very little prior programming knowledge.
  • An older Perl Tutorial based on Nigel Chapman's "Perl: The Programmer's Companion". Despite its age, there's some good stuff in here.