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Breaking News: The third edition of Head First Python out! See here for more.

The Second Edition of Head First Python published in November 2016.

Head First Python is part of the ever-expanding Head First series from O'Reilly Media (first edition published late 2010).

Head First Programming (published by O'Reilly Media), published late 2009, is co-authored with David Griffiths, the very talented author of Head First Rails (and other Head First titles).

Together with Dr. Michael Moorhouse, I wrote Bioinformatics, Biocomputing and Perl: An Introduction to Bioinformatics Computing Skills and Practice. Aimed at the Biology student wishing to learn more about how computing is impacting their field, this book provides a primer on programming in Perl, working with databases (MySQL) and working with existing Bioinformatics applications. Like my first book, this one is published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd. and became available in 2004.

I wrote Programming the Network with Perl as an introduction to network programming, network analysis and network management (using Perl as the programming language). This book was published in 2002 by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

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