Here are the source files to my Ruby Tutorial.

When I create slides, I initially work with a text-based format (in vi), then I convert my text-based format to an presentation (I have a cool Perl script that does this for me). I then work within Impress to make things look nice, before exporting as a PDF. In order to allow users of "that other platform" to play too, I've also exported to PowerPoint.

Feel free to use/adapt this material for your own purposes. The only thing I ask is that you share any improvements you make with the community. (Paul Barry, October 2006).

Adobe PDF Format Format PowerPoint Format
LearnRuby1.pdf LearnRuby1.odp LearnRuby1.ppt
LearnRuby2.pdf LearnRuby2.odp LearnRuby2.ppt
LearnRuby3.pdf LearnRuby3.odp LearnRuby3.ppt
LearnRuby4.pdf LearnRuby4.odp LearnRuby4.ppt
LearnRuby5.pdf LearnRuby5.odp LearnRuby5.ppt
LearnRuby6.pdf LearnRuby6.odp LearnRuby6.ppt
LearnRuby7.pdf LearnRuby7.odp LearnRuby7.ppt
LearnRuby8.pdf LearnRuby8.odp LearnRuby8.ppt
LearnRuby9.pdf LearnRuby9.odp LearnRuby9.ppt
LearnRuby10.pdf LearnRuby10.odp LearnRuby10.ppt
LearnRuby11.pdf LearnRuby11.odp LearnRuby11.ppt
LearnRuby12.pdf LearnRuby12.odp LearnRuby12.ppt
LearnRuby13.pdf LearnRuby13.odp LearnRuby13.ppt
LearnRuby14.pdf LearnRuby14.odp LearnRuby14.ppt

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